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Business & Industry Compliance

Agricultural & Non-agricultural

Businesses located or working within the quarantine, which move products, vehicles or other conveyances within or from the quarantine are required to have an SLF Permit or hire companies that have one.

    • Use the interactive SLF Permit Map to find permit holders throughout the USA and Canada.

Out-of-state businesses located in SLF infested areas must also have a permit if traveling or transporting goods into PA.

    • SLF permits are reciprocal between states.

Businesses shipping nursery stock to other states, producing mulch or processing firewood for distribution outside their quarantined county are required to have a Compliance Agreement. If this description fits your business, please contact your local Bureau of Plant Industry Regional Supervisor.

Permit Information & Resources

Regional Information & Quarantines

Permit Training

SLF permitting ensures businesses are trained to inspect articles that harbor SLF prior to transport, such as:

    • Products
    • Packaging
    • Vehicles 
    • Other conveyances

Managers or supervisors should complete the free permit course to demonstrate understanding and a working knowledge of the pest and quarantine requirements.

Contact Information

If you have questions, please email or call 717-787-5674.