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Agricultural Fair Operational & Premium Reimbursement Program

The Agricultural Fair Operational & Premium Reimbursement Program supports Pennsylvania's certified agricultural county and community fairs by providing partial reimbursement of annual general operating costs and premium expenses for exhibitors in compliance with the Fair Act and State Premium Guidelines.

Guidelines & Uses

Reimbursements may be used to pay fairs for expenses associated with fair operations and premium awards:

    • Only certified agricultural fairs may apply for reimbursement via the Fair Fund
    • Fairs must meet the minimum requirement of awarding premiums in at least 12 of the 24 Departments
    • There must be a minimum of 5 participants in each of the Departments
    • Premiums must be paid by check
    • Fairs must operate according to the Fair Act and State Premium Guidelines

Funding Opportunities

Eligible fairs receive the following:

    • A basic payment for operating expenses, the sum of which may not exceed $14,000 for Class A fairs, $12,000 for Class B fairs, $9,500 for Class C fairs, $7,000 for Class D fairs and $2,500 for Class E fairs, and
    • Fifty percent of money paid for all other agricultural premiums (not included in premiums paid via the basic payment) with a maximum payment for premiums not to exceed $15,000.

In addition, each county agricultural society and each independent agricultural society conducting harness horse racing during its annual fair, other than races for two- and three-year old colts and fillies, are eligible to be reimbursed an amount of money equal to that used during its annual fair as purse money for harness horse racing, track and stable maintenance, starting gate rental and the cost of all harness horse racing officials required during the annual fair. Reimbursement shall not exceed $13,000, and a minimum of $4,000 shall be used for purse money.

This is a reimbursement grant therefore the fair is responsible to cover operational and premium costs. Grants are awarded on a funds-available basis.

Eligible & Ineligible Costs

Eligible Costs

Financing operating costs, including but not limited to the cost of exhibiting:

    • Agribusiness products
    • Materials and equipment
    • Conducting agricultural or agribusiness educational activities and demonstrations
    • Awarding premiums to contest and exhibit winners at the fairs

Ineligible Costs

    • Entertainment Expenses
    • Hell Drivers
    • Professional Performers
    • ATV Races or Contests
    • Demolition Derbies
    • Queen Contest, except for Fair Queen
    • Parades, except for Band Competitions

How to Apply

Applications are filed in paper or can be emailed.  All applications must be received no later than November 15 annually.

Reporting Requirements

Grantees are required to submit the fair reimbursement application (as listed above) and submit a copy of their official premium book.