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Frequently Asked Questions


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I’m a lawn care professional interested in applying fertilizers in Pennsylvania. What licenses or certifications do I need?

​I am a fertilizer manufacturer interested in distributing fertilizer in Pennsylvania. What do I need to do to comply with the Pennsylvania Fertilizer Law? 

​The new Fertilizer Law of July 2022 implemented new fertilizer labeling. What are the new requirements for fertilizer labeling? 

​I want to use lawn fertilizer with phosphorus, however, I am struggling to find any in the retail stores. Why do lawn fertilizers no longer contain phosphorus? 

​Is it possible to purchase a phosphorus containing fertilizer? 

​I would like to test my soil prior to applying fertilizer. Where can I find information on soil testing? 

As a homeowner, I prefer to apply my own lawn fertilizers, where I can I find more information on proper fertilizer application? 

​What does it mean when a fertilizer contains “enhanced-efficiency” nitrogen or phosphorus?