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​Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program Board

The Pennsylvania Wine Marketing ​and Research Program Board was established by state law and grants funds collected from producers through the Agricultural Commodity Marketing Act (ACMA). These funds are to be used exclusively for wine production marketing and research.  Additionally, up to $1 million in funding may be allocated annually by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) to the program for the purposes of increasing the production of Pennsylvania wine and enhancing the Pennsylvania wine industry through promotion, marketing, and research-based programs and projects. 

The Secretary of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program Board may cooperate with any other state or federal agency or other organization whose activities may be deemed beneficial. 

Guidelines & Uses

Wine Production Marketing and Research includes but is not limited to conduct research on:

    • Characterization of Accentuated Cut Edges (ACE)
    • Impacts of Spotted Lanternfly
    • Impact of Under-trellis Groundcover
    • Marketing Education and Professional Development for the PA Wine Industry
    • Pennsylvania Wine Land Statewide Marketing & Promotions
    • Spotted Wing Drosophila in Pennsylvania
    • Grapevine Leafroll Viruses
    • Tannin Extraction

Funding Opportunities

Funds are made available annually.  The request for proposals (RFP) is published annually in the Pennsylvania Bulletin under the Department of Agriculture.  This publication usually takes place in January.  Proposals are reviewed and recommended by the Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program Board to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for funding.

How to Apply

Reporting Requirements

Grantees are required to provide a biannual progress report on their research.  Reporting is based on the deliverables stated within the proposal and is due every October 1 and April 1 to BOTH resource accounts:

  • Wine Marketing & Research Program - Progress Report Template