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Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program

The Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program represents each producer who does one or more of the following during a particular marketing season:

    1. Grows one or more acres of vegetables within this Commonwealth for the purpose of selling said vegetable;
    2. Grows vegetables in one or more greenhouses located within this Commonwealth if: (1) the greenhouse(s) is/are used for growing vegetables in 1,000 square feet or more of growing space; (2) the vegetables are grown for sale; and (3) the vegetables are not grown to be transplanted outdoors; or
    3. Grows vegetables within this Commonwealth and sells $2,000 or more of the vegetables grown in a given marketing season.

Funds collected from producers through the Program are to be used exclusively for vegetable production marketing and research. The Secretary of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program Board may cooperate with any other state or federal agency or other organization whose activities may be deemed beneficial. 

Guidelines & Uses

Vegetable Production Marketing and Research includes but is not limited to conduct research on:

    • No-till vs. Plasticulture Tomatoes
    • Bacterial Spot of Tomato
    • Breeding Fresh Market Tomatoes
    • Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation
    • Evaluating Burndown Options for No-till Snap Bean
    • Evaluation of Atrazine Alternatives for Postemergence Weed Control in Sweet Corn
    • Soil Health Indicators in Conventional and Organic Vegetable Cropping Systems
    • In-Season Sustainable Management
    • Nitrogen Input Requirement of Grafted and Non-Grafted Fresh Market tomato
    • High Soluble Salt Levels in High Tunnels
    • Soilborne Pathogens
    • HPPD Herbicides
    • Statewide Marketing Initiatives

Funding Opportunities

Funds are made available annually.  The request for research proposals is sent out through the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) schools in September of each year.  Proposals are reviewed and awarded by the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program Board at the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention, which typically takes place either the last week of January or the first week of February.  Requests for marketing proposals varies from year to year.

How to Apply

Reporting Requirements

Grantees are required to provide a biannual progress report on their research.  Reporting is based on the deliverables stated within the proposal and is due every October 1 and April 1 to the resource account,