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How to become an Approved State Vendor

To The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) Program is seeking qualified contractors to assist with tree of heaven (TOH) management and insecticide treatments to control spotted lanternflies.

Contractors must:

  • be competent with TOH identification, including differentiating this tree from other similar-looking species.
  • be proficient in tree risk assessment, technical tree removal, and herbicide application methodologies including hack-and-squirt, foliar application to saplings and treatment of cut stumps.
  • possess the appropriate experience and equipment to perform technical tree removals.
  • hold a Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicators license, categories 6 and 10.
  • own or have access to pesticide and herbicide chemicals, the equipment to apply them and the ability to safely store them.

Follow the two-step PA Supplier registration process:

  1. Become a Registered PA Supplier- Follow the How to Register as a Procurement Supplier document to obtain a 6 digit PA Supplier Vendor number. If you already have a number, skip to Step 2.
  2. Register in our JAGGAER portal and complete the qualification process. Follow the JAGGAER ITQ Registration guide. 

Once you have created a JAGGAER account, you can qualify for the SLF commodity code in JAGGAER.

  1. Follow the Pre-Qualification of ITQ Suppliers guide.
  2. Select Commodity Code 70110000-ITQ- 224 - Description: Invasive Plant Pest Management & Mitigation Services - SLF Management/Mitigation.
  3. After selecting this Commodity Code and Saving your changes, answer the question: "Did you select any additional Commodity Codes?" as "Yes" and Save Changes.
  4. The ITQ Pre-Qualifications Section and ITQ Terms & Conditions will open on the left side of the page. 
  5. Complete the Forms under Pre-Qualifications and upload them back to this section and Save.
  6. Complete the Terms & Conditions by checking the box if you agree and Save for the final time.