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Pennsylvania Spotted Lanternfly Program

In 2014, Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) was first confirmed in Pennsylvania in Berks County.

Today, counties across PA are under the quarantine as PDA works with federal, state, local and non-governmental cooperators to eliminate this pest from the commonwealth.

Our Response to Mitigate Spotted Lanternfly Spread

Since the discovery of SLF in PA, PDA has worked to locate, track and control the invasive pest.

PDA funds survey work, control methods, research and public outreach to raise awareness and control the spread of SLF in the state.

Surveys are conducted in every county and include traps, lures and visual surveys to identify focus efforts.

In addition, PDA is working to treat the SLF's preferred host tree, tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima). PDA seeks to eliminate most of the tree-of-heaven at a site while treating select trees with a systemic insecticide that targets SLF when they feed.

SLF Survey Locations _5.21_7.21.png

Quarantine, Permitting & Compliance

The SLF Order of Quarantine and Treatment affects residents and businesses across the commonwealth. Visit the SLF Quarantine & Permitting page  to understand how to be compliant and for the most up-to-date quarantine information and maps.

Penn State University and Extension: Research

Penn State University and Extension are leading the research efforts to find ways to control and mitigate the spread of SLF, and to answer the many questions we have about the insect's biology, pesticide effectiveness, and the ability of the insect to adapt to the environment in Pennsylvania.

Contractors: How to Get Involved

SLF has the potential to affect properties in all corners of the commonwealth. PDA needs tree experts across the state to join the battle. Please see the contractor page to learn what PDA requires of its contractors and how to sign up.

Businesses Role in Spotted Lanternfly Mitigation

Businesses also play an important role. Business owners should incorporate pest control into their vegetation management plans and work to minimize the possibility of this insect hitching a ride on vehicles or in products. Best management practices are available on the Businesses page

Outreach & Engagement

PDA has teamed with the communications offices of both Penn State University (PSU) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in order to bring a united, consistent message to all Pennsylvanian citizens.

PDA staff also work with SLF-specific Community Taskforces which meet to discuss the efforts and needs of the community and the businesses within them.

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