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​​Growing & Processing Permits

Hemp is used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products and can even return nutrients to the soil and sequestering carbon more efficiently than most other agricultural crops. Nearly all the hemp plant can be used limiting waste.

Pennsylvania's Hemp Program aims to encourage the growth and use of this sustainable and regenerative crop.  

Growing Permit Deliverable Timelines

​Time frame
​Register your farm acreage with USDA Farm Service Agency County Office.
​Once PDA permit is received.
​Report planting of indoor and outdoor plantings (both seeds and transplants).* See Planting Report Form or Online Hemp Reporting Instructions.
​Within 10 days of planting. 
​Schedule a hemp sampling for compliance testing of hemp lots.
​Thirty (30) days before harvest completion.

​Submit a Harvest Report form to the Hemp Program.
​Following harvest and before November 15.
​If a hemp crop will not be harvested, a Crop Loss Report form must be submitted.
​Within 10 days of final crop destruction.
​If a hemp crop will not be planted at a permit location for the year, then an Inactive Permit Report form must be submitted.
​By September 1.

* For some special categories of permits there are different requirements for reporting. These categories include hemp researchers and growers of micro-greens, greens and hemp transplants. Guidance documents for these categories can be found under Information for Permitted Growers.

Information for Permitted Growers