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​​Certified Sampling Agent

The Pennsylvania Hemp Certified Sampling Agent Program

All hemp growing in Pennsylvania must be sampled and submitted to a laboratory for THC testing. The PA Department of Agriculture is looking for individuals interested in becoming certified to perform sampling.

To become a PA certified hemp sampling agent, you must:

    • Review the Sampling Agent Training presentation found on this website;
    • Review the Standards for Pennsylvania Certified Hemp Sampling Agents, the sampling protocol, and all associated forms; and
    • Receive a passing score on a test about the program (a link to the exam is included in the training presentation.
    • If you pass the exam, you will receive an application form via e-mail. Submission and approval of that application are the final steps in the process to become a certified hemp sampling agent.

Contact information for approved Independent Hemp Sampling Agents is available in this online directory.*

*Please note that this directory format is not mobile responsive, a desktop device is recommended for the best user experience.

If hemp growers need an official sample taken but are unable to secure the services of an approved independent sampling agent, they should contact the PA Department of Agriculture Hemp Program staff.

Hemp Sampling Agent Program